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Freezing temperatures combined with decreased circulation in these parts of the body creates direct damage to tissue cells. When tissue damage includes the small blood vessels, the affected areas undergo tissue death and are sloughed off. Initial signs of frostbite include a cold stiffness to the tips of these body parts. As the days go on, the affected parts become hard and leathery before they separate from the healthy tissue below. The initial signs of frostbite in the calf may be subtle unless the feet are involved. In that case, the calf is very reluctant to rise, but appears otherwise healthy with a normal appetite. Diagnosis is made on the basis of the signs in the calf (sloughed tips of the ears or tail, pain in the rear feet) and the weather conditions present when the calf was born. Frostbite is relatively uncommon in calves older than a few days, but older calves that are sick for any reason (e.g. scours) often have lower circulation to their extremities and may be susceptible. Severe wind and cold conditions may also cause frostbite in older animals. Bulls housed outside with minimal bedding in frigid conditions may be prone to frostbite of the scrotum, for example.

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