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That was the conclusion of a secret 2010 U.S. military investigation, according to documents obtained by the newspaper under the Freedom of Information Act. In 2010, military officials launched an investigation after receiving a tip from a Navy intelligence specialist alleging Flynn had inappropriately shared secrets while in Afghanistan. According to a four-page summary of the probe published by the paper , the investigation concluded that during his tenureas deputy chief of staff for intelligence, Flynn shared classified information with various foreign military officers and/or officials in Afghanistan without proper authorization. But it also determined no further action was warranted against Flynn, because he did not act knowingly and that there was no actual or potential damage to national security as a result. The military report also noted efforts to properly cleanse the foreign officers read-books, the keen attention to mission accomplishment in a coalition combat environment and Flynns exceptional qualifications and dedicated service. Representatives for Trumps transition team did not immediately return requests for comment. However, Flynns son, Michael Flynn Jr., tweeted that the Posts story about his father was fake news. The younger Flynn was removed from the transition team earlier this month after spreading conspiracy theories, including the so-called Pizzagate story that apparently motivated a gunman to open fire inside a Washington, D.C., restaurant. Related: Flynn Jr., who spread conspiracies, no longer with transition At the กระเป๋า asos ราคา Republican National Convention in July, Flynn assailed Clinton for putting our nations security at extremely high risk with her careless use of a private email server, leading the crowd in chants of lock her up. If I did a tenth, a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today, Flynn said in his convention speech. Trumps appointment of Flynn has drawn criticism from civil and human rights groups over his กระเป๋า ZARA แท้ incendiary comments about Muslims and online embrace of conspiracy theories. Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL, he tweeted in February, linking to a YouTube video that argued Islamophobia is an OXYMORON since having a Phobia means having an IRRATIONAL FEAR. Theres something going on in the Muslim world, Flynn said in August . Why do we have heightened security at our airports?

I dont think so. Here are a few things to think about. Donald Trump has said on Twitter that he will communicate with the American people through that social media site because it enables him to get his message directly to the public without the bias spin of the media. กระเป๋าแบรนด์เนม พร้อมส่ง He is correct. Trouble is, its his version. He controls it completely. Were he to say the same things at a press conference, there would be follow-up questions and he would have to prove his position. On Twitter, he doesnt have to do that. He can say whatever he wants, and in this era and for a lot of people for whom fact-checking is a nuisance, it will be gospel. Heres another way to look at it: Suppose Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton had used Twitter exclusively. Without the watchdog efforts of the media, we would never have known about Watergate, or Iran-Contra or Monica Lewinsky.

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