The Growing Challenges In Aspects Of Ball Gowns

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Blood on the Dance Floor was dreamed up after rehearsals in a warehouse. Boehme was "obsessed about my blood, about the cleanliness of my blood". After nicking his heel on an exposed nail, "I sat back down and realised I left a trail of blood on the dance floor. And [my friend] went 'ah, there's your title'." "Blood, it's a life force that connects us, it can be used to define us and can be used to discriminate, to separate, or to actually unite," Boehme says. Honouring a friend When writing the show, the artist kept a small crystal decanter of his own blood on his desk. "Suddenly I was connected to my dad, then my grandmother, then a whole line of our ancestors that I never met and through that, those voices started to then speak through me. In that blood, in those codes, there are thousands of generations sitting in that little decanter." Boehme says blood connects him to his past and, above all, to his illness. But it also releases him. "Regardless of what features or skin colour we have, really our blood is the thing that ties us together," he says.

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