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"They found him in the lobby of the hotel," police spokesman Pablo Castillo told Reuters. Elected as governor in 2010, Duarte presided over a sharp deterioration in security in the state, punctuated by the discovery of mass graves and a spate of killings of journalists during his watch. He was also accused of carrying out various schemes with illicit resources, including using ghost companies to transfer public funds. The Mexican government will seek Duarte's extradition, but it was not immediately clear how quickly that could happen or whether Duarte might seek to block it. The arrest was carried out with the help of Interpol agents, Mexico's attorney general's office said. Lorenzo Meyer, a political scientist and historian at Mexico's National Autonomous University said Duarte's capture would likely serve as a ชุดว่ายน้ำ วิเทจ ราคาถูก boost for the Mexican president, whose popularity has fallen dramatically over the past couple years. "This is a plus for Pena Nieto because it goes against this accusation that he and (Interior Minister) Osorio Chong were really fine with Duarte fleeing, hiding and not knowing anything about him," said Meyer. Agriculture and oil-rich Veracruz, on Mexico's Gulf coast, is one of Mexico's largest states, and it has historically been a stronghold of Pena Nieto's Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI. Duarte was a PRI party stalwart for years in Veracruz until he was expelled from the PRI in October. He resigned his position as governor that same month, a few weeks before his six-year term was due to end. In June, the opposition National Action Party won a hotly contested race to succeed Duarte in a contest widely seen as a repudiation of rampant corruption and a stinging defeat for the PRI.

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